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Canute quickly reconfirmed the battle plan and opened the air vent cover. He placed his foot into the vent, ducked down, and crawled. The gun on his hips shook and clattered.


Another member scolded. While the squad members muttered amongst themselves Inspector James Rue arrived in front of the squad. He took out a handkerchief and wiped the sweat from his forehead.


It wasn't their goal to exterminate the enemy, but block them. So, this much should be more than enough for the time being. Stray bullets and heavy artillery were cleared with psychic skills.


The Elu mage didn't carry any weapons, and only had one simple cane. The end of the cane had a blue crystal stuck onto it. They could feel strong, psychic energy from the crystal.


The sound was out of place from the forest. Silence, who lead the group raised his palm. The squad stopped and fell into absolute silence.


The drill instructors called the students' names. The students parachuted out one by one. The children who hesitated were kicked out ruthlessly. You could hear the sounds of screams muffling softer into the distance.

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There were many soldiers who volunteered due to Corporal Zhai's influences. They could not bear to shoot Corporal Zhai. Rather, many felt inspired by him. To start with, the command had been unreasonable from the start.


For the next period of time, discussions of the mock battle did not cease. After a week, there were three more mock battles. The platoon leader changed each time.


The only time he struggled was during subjects related to psychic powers. He had been one of the slowest concerning development of psychic skills.


Schwartz took a clean hit to his blind spot and couldn't recover. It was hard to believe that a rookie third year would be this good at weapon handling. He felt dizzy trying to make sense of the chaotic spear movements. The attack and defense movements were in perfect balance with each other and it was difficult to predict his next move.


Instead of extravagant designs, they used simple, clean lines which seemed to captivate the user.


"I read through his profile that he had been born into a harsh environment and lived through stress all his life. Since he survived through such conditions, it can't be helped that his mind is unshakable."


Kuro looked up to Inspector Rue. Rather than realizing that his gun has been stolen by Inspector Rue, he felt a sense of relief for surviving the ordeal. Inspector Rue had killed the enemy in place of Kuro.



The both of them didn't have much intent to physically hit each other. It was only a light sparring match between the two. If they really got seriously injured, it would mess up the date they would be officially transferred into year 2.



Dmitri cried out and slashed his sword once again. Han didn't let himself get phased by nonsensical distractions and calmly blocked.


Laocha was a longtime close friend of Sergeant Red. It was decided that he would be the one to temporarily train Han until Sergeant Red made a full recovery.


The sergeant singled Simon out and punished him once again with more force. Simon's eyes glistened with tears. The children realized at this moment.

  • "Our opponent had been Karlheinz, so I agreed. He wanted to copy you and deployed half of his rangers. He didn't think the rocky terrain penalty would affect the efficiency of his defenders."
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